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Be a part of the movement for clean water by volunteering for Tampa Bay Waterkeeper. Explore the descriptions below to learn more about the various ways you can volunteer, then fill out our Volunteer Form and we will be in touch. Our work is not possible without your selfless contributions.

Check out our Volunteer Handbook to learn more about Tampa Bay Waterkeeper and your role as a volunteer.  Additional volunteer opportunities will be added to this handbook after they are developed and launched.

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Healthy, fishable, swimmable waterways will not be possible without a committed and engaged community. Tampa Bay Waterkeeper works to inspire people of all ages to understand the threats facing the bay, what we are doing to protect our bay, and how the community can join in that effort. Whether you love public speaking, are a social media influencer, or want to attend events to spread the word, we have something for everyone to help activate community support.     

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As an ambassador your knowledge about and commitment to water quality is essential.  To learn more about issues effecting water quality in and around Tampa Bay check out our publication, A Beginner's Guide to Tampa Bay Water Quality.  Need some tips on how to get started?  Check out our publication, How to Advocate for Change


As a member of the community, you are our best ally to be a champion for our waterways.  Do not let pollution go unnoticed.  Join our patrol team and learn how to report possible pollution incidents.  We are currently developing this program and expect to launch it by March 2022.  Fill out our volunteer form to let us know you are interested, and we will keep you updated.


From St. Pete Beach to Dunedin to Tampa and everywhere in between, Tampa Bay Waterkeeper monitors water quality. We use our monitoring data to track trends in water quality, identify and mitigate pollution sources, identify potential human health risks, and hold polluters accountable. Our data are used to build awareness of water quality issues and support policy and advocacy efforts region wide.  We are currently developing opportunities for volunteers to collect water quality samples and expect to launch this program in Summer 2022.  Fill out our volunteer form to let us know if you are interested in collecting water samples, and we will keep you updated. 


Want to volunteer but not sure how?  Perhaps you are a photographer who can capture spectacular photos or a designer who loves to create graphics.  Whatever your talent and skill level we will work together to find ways you can help Tampa Bay Waterkeeper achieve our mission of protecting everyone’s right to clean water.

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