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Listen to podcasts that feature TBWK as we continue the conversation on clean water and how this impacts Tampa Bay.

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Wait Five Minutes
The Waters of Tampa Bay with Justin Tramble

This week, we head out on a boat into the waters of Tampa Bay, searching for answers about red tide, pollution, seagrass, sea turtles, politicians, fish, and so much more.

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Captains Collective
LIVE with Greg Peterson and Adam Fernandez

In this podcast, we sit down with Greg Peterson and Adam Fernandez (Board Member of Tampa Bay Waterkeeper) for a live recording at Tailwater Outfitters. In this episode, Greg shares how he went from chasing Steelhead in his mom’s minivan to running a successful guide service in the bay area. We also discuss how to help people connect with nature and move from spectators to advocates. This podcast was recorded as a part of The Waterman Fly Fishing Tournament. 

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Captains Collective
Guiding Flow Series: Tampa Bay Round Table

In this podcast, we sit down with Maya Burke (Tampa Bay Estuary Program) and Captain Dustin Pack (Board Member of Tampa Bay Waterkeeper) to discuss some of the victories and challenges surrounding Tampa Bay. In this episode we discuss the variations and importance of seagrass, water flow, and the science behind red tide. We also talk about the history and current landscape of Tampa's fishery.

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Salt Strong Fishing
The Truth About The Tampa Bay Red Tide & Piney Point

If you are as fired up about the red tide destroying our fishery as we are, then this is a very important episode to listen to. We have two Board Members from Tampa Bay Waterkeeper's Board of Directors (Adam Fernandez & Capt. Dustin Pack) to discuss what's really going on with the red tide. We also discuss the lawsuit that was filed against Piney Point and the state of Florida that Tampa Bay Waterkeeper and a few others filed. We also discuss the four simple things we need to be doing as anglers to help this horrible situation.

Let's Work Together

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