There is power in numbers. By becoming a member of Tampa Bay Waterkeeper you help provide continuous funds to assist us in addressing the most pressing issues affecting the health of our inland and coastal waters.  Our members and their love of Tampa Bay gives us the power to champion it's protection in a number of ways, from signing petitions, enforcing regulations and empowering our community to take action. 

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As a Standing Member, TBWK asks that you will endeavor to protect and improve waterways throughout Tampa Bay through activities such as:

  • Not throw garbage into Tampa Bay waters

  • Not release toilet water in the sea, in coastal waters, and sensitive areas

  • Not release household hazardous toxic waste (HHW) (oil, paint, used batteries, cleaning agents, etc.) in the sea. Please deliver these types of waste to the containers in the marina or HHW collection center.

  • Promote and use recycling facilities (glass, paper, etc.)

  • Use the most environmentally friendly products among paints, anti- fouling, paint remover, detergents, etc, that are available and work efficiently

  • Report pollution or other violation of environmental regulations to the authorities by calling +1-813-274-3101 or follow link to report illicit discharges or email

  • Protect animals and plants in the sea, including no disturbance of breeding birds, seals or other marine mammals and follow posted speed restrictions

  • Respect vulnerable and natural protected areas

  • Avoid damage of the sea bottom 

  • Encourage other boaters to also take care of the environment

  • Are willing to advance and support the legal advocacy measures taken by Tampa Bay Waterkeeper